Resarch work

ScatterDice is a method for visual exploration of large and multidimensional datasets by navigation in data dimension space using 2D scatterplots and a matrix of scatterplots. To know more about the research efforts behind the tool, checkout the original project website and try the Java Demo.

JavaScript version

ScatterDice is now available as a JavaScript web application that runs in any modern web browser.


French unemployement data

Explore 18 dimensions of unemployement data. This adaptation of ScatterDice is a joint effort with Data-Publica, a company hosting and providing services around public and open data.

ScatterDice goes to the Oscars

Explore 11 dimensions of Oscar movies dataset: Year, Rotten Tomatoes rating, Audience, etc. This adaptation of ScatterDice was submitted to the Challenge of the Stars, part of the Information Is Beautiful Awards.


  • Coordinated scatterplot matrix with a single scatteplot
  • Lasso selection and query sculpting
  • Convex hulls to show each point selection
  • Path planning to explore the scatterplot matrix
  • Linear interpolation when changing views
  • Exploration history and examples

Research Team


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