Visual Sedimentation

Visual Sedimentation is a novel design metaphor that progressively generates and updates visualizations of streaming data, inspired by the process of physical sedimentation. To know more about the research efforts behind the tool, checkout the original project website and play with the generic examples in it.


Forbes re-design challenge

A redesign tentative of a social media referral trafic pie chart using Visual Sedimentation. The result is a bar chart made of tokens, that emphasizes the streaming nature of the data to depict (Internet traffic) and better allow comparison than a pie chart.

What do the candidates weigh today?

This prototype combines live polls updates and a scale indicator to show the current weight of the presidential candidates.


A spin-off of the bubble-t mod aired during a live tv show. The visualization shows the live results of a poll on Twitter. It served mainly as a permanent background for live monitoring of the results. But the Tv-show hosts also used it to inspect the latest results and read the content of the latest tweets. Watch this video and look at those pictures that compiles the best of Bubble-TV during the show


What if Twitter can vote? This application is to explore the activity of Twitter users around the candidates in the French 2012 presidential election. The top area allows you to track tweets in real time as they arrive. The timeline below gives the evolution of the number of tweets mentioning each candidate on a day or a week The cloud of keywords provides an overview of speech associated with each of the candidates and their evolution during the last hours.


  • Token display and animation
  • Strata

Research Team


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